isabel gillespie


Izzy is a killer chiller ideas spiller. Powered by curiosity and imagination, count on her to think outside the box and find the fun in any mundane task. Curious and empathetic, she is adept at positioning herself in the mind of the audience, bringing creative concepts to life. This hard working creative challenges the status quo, to bring a refreshing new perspective into the advertising world. With an interest in social equity, she has a personal passion for creating a more inclusive and fair world.

Hanling Fan


An advertising student at RMIT, creative contents creator with strong coordination skills, information screening, integration ability and overall view, also obsessed with cultural products like music videos. Currently starting to enter the Media & Communication industry and looking forward to gaining more experience, inspiration and works there.

Have a passion for Lego, and currently designing a Lego campaign as my graduation project. The project is an interesting campaign about how to take care of the mental health of adults. Believe that my creativity will also give people a bright feeling like Lego colourful bricks.

Michael Nedelko

Digital Branding (Twitch / Content Creator)

Michael Nedelko fancies himself a full stack digital branding specialist, specializing in Content Creators / Twitch. As the world rapidly turns more digital, getting noticed in a global marketplace becomes harder to navigate. Content creators have personalities and captive audiences that a brand can connect with directly. Let me be your rosetta stone for Twitch emotes and your conduit for content creations.

Claudia messenger

Photography and Media Creation

I am an independent artist and designer working in the realm between the advertising and creative industries. With my background in design as well as my current studies in advertising I've been able to use my fresh perspective to create exciting and engaging social content and brand assets for my clients.