Charlotte Callil


Charlotte is a passionate creative who is a lover of journaling and binger of podcasts. As well as writing clever copy for Pitch Night Charlotte is also an enthusiast for all things illustration , design and art direction.

Charlotte believes each and every individual has at least one commonality with another and Is the kind of person who seeks out common ground and nurtures those commonalities resulting in individuals and agencies feeling heard , valued and satisfied.

Razaan Adams


Razaan has a passion for bringing words and stories to life, and this is echoed not just through her work but also in her daily life. On her morning runs you can find her listening to classical music whilst pretending she’s running late to the ball, and her hobbies include wearing ostentatious ball gowns to brunch.

Callum Scott


Hey I'm Callum! a hopeful junior copywriter with a intrinsic passion for creative storytelling through copy and text. I want to inspire change through my work and motivate the next generation of future creatives to pursue copywriting as I truly believe that advertising as a whole can be a force for positivity and change. I love pop culture and want to channel my nerd personality to creative truly unique copy for future clients. With that being said, let's chat!

Seb Murphy


G'day I'm Seb! Sick and tired of your everyday plain boring copy? Then get a Seb in your life!

Georgia Payne


Let’s not beat around the bush, I’m a Copywriter. And, I love words. I fell head over heels for them when my parents read me Animalia by Graeme Base. The alliterations scratched my brain in a way it had never been scratched before! From that moment on, I searched to the ends of the Earth for words that just worked. Finding the right words to evoke the right response is my second favourite thing (Idioms being first).

Noa Shenker


Hi, I’m Noa. I’m a big fan of HBO, the Dees and books that depress me. I’m also a big fan of words, and have a knack for putting them in just the right order, to pack just the right punch, and send that special kind of shiver running down your spine (no, not that shiver). I’m an intuitive, imaginative, and inimitable thinker – and I love alliteration.

Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword was spot on. I think words are pretty powerful, maybe even our most powerful tools to create. They’re also kind of my thing.

Cooper Stubbs


Hi I'm Cooper and I'm the ideas man. I believe that ideas are the greatest superpower and words are the greatest weapon that anyone can use. I aim to break into the advertising world with my superpower of superb idea generation and exceptional wordplay. I'm a skateboarder and surfer at heart with a passion for writing fantasy epics and songs. I'm also a huge reader and a massive fan of comics and animation.

Isabella Polazzon


Hi, I’m Bella and I love a good pun. I even used to read joke books like novels!

My affinity for word play has bled into my aspirations for the future and as a creative thinker, I'm always looking for innovative ways to produce content that is unique and memorable. My recent internship has helped solidify my love for writing copy even further.

I’m a strong team player and thrived when I was working in a team of 20 for the Hungry Talks lecture series I co-created and hosted. I’m always up for a chat so catch me on Pitch Night and let's connect!

James Nicolaci


My name is James, I’m an Amateur Filmmaker, Over thinker and Life Novice, hoping to specialise in copywriting, strategy or video production. Having gone straight from High School to Uni, I feel like life is just beginning, and although I’m inexperienced, my drive, curiosity, intuition and determination mean I catch on quick and won’t let go till I succeed. I was born with a spinal cord disability, and unfortunately it is a big part of my life, but I stubbornly refuse to let it be a defining part of me. In my free time I love listening to music, watching, writing and analysing movies, as well as pondering the meaning of life, no answers yet though.

Evelyn Zgrablic


Copywriting is the path for me, because it means I can finally feel like my incessant puns and jokes are being put to a better use than as an inciting measure for the infuriating groans of my mates. If I can get paid to attach them to a picture and make something even better, this whole degree has been worth it. Check out my portfolio if you want me on your side. I'll make sure your ads are worth reading.

Kyra Nicole Silos


Prior to this degree, writing was a way to say everything I couldn't verbally express. Now, I'm on the way to my fullest potential. Driven by a thirst to find the right words and to put thoughts to rest, as a copywriter, I have the means to manifest the ideas trapped in my head to create impactful work.

Despite being strictly dedicated to my word, I'm no stranger to InDesign or Photoshop. I also pride myself in composing emotionally gripping and - for now, unofficial - award-winning reviews on my latest bubble tea snag. Ask me for a drink recommendation!

Chiara Lombardozzi


Content writer, idea curator and addicted problem solver.

Student at RMIT, master at scrolling through social media.

You may recognise my work as the love poems on bathrooms stalls, quippy dad jokes or amusing sanitary pad fun facts.

Looking for an opportunity to work in Media and live forever through words.