Lucy Strauss


I’m dreaming of a career in a fashion communication, impacting and influencing reader’s thoughts, minds and outlooks; gripping their attention from cover to cover, whilst providing an outlet of self-expression, that I believe fashion brings individuals and creatives.

Living and breathe creativity, with a never ending desire to produce content based on originality, expression and visions. With an indisputable eye for detail and a drive to push normality, yet having the skills and capabilities to present as an art director, with an easy going, yet motivated mindset.

Tom Ahearn


Hello! My name is Tom and I was born into a large family as the very talkative, confident, funny, and sometimes slightly self-indulged, youngest child of 4. Growing up around the dinner table I became increasingly frustrated when I couldn’t get in as many words as I truly desired. At this young age, I learned the most important skill of his life, to make my words count. 22 years later, and I'm still using this skill every day, applying my trade as an aspiring Copywriter.

Zhuohang Li


I'm Zhuohang Li, a newcomer in the advertising industry, interested in art direction and aspiring to become a creative duo. I have completed several advertising cases in the past semester’s project, and learned some principles and experience about advertising design. I am now working on another project and willing to learn more to get my future job.

Ruihan Xie


Ruihan Xie(Ryan):aged 22,love anime,games&sports,plan to be a copywriter or strategists. I am sensitive to words and creative in the area of words and planning. I want to hone my skills and gain experience in a large company and then I can do better in a similar field in a small company. I think work has never been about keeping my nose to the grindstone and doing well. It's about being close to life and showing myself. In my own personality to seek answers, that‘s my pursuit.

Yawen Zhang


I am passionate about fields that I have never dabbled in, which can broaden my mind to make me more creative. I enjoy challenges.  I think that I'm creative but also I see myself my strengths lie more within communication and being able to interpret the desires of clients so that I am sure that I could build strong relationships with clients and develop long strategic plans. For my career aspiration plan, I'm working hard to become a qualified account executive and creative planner.

Linqing Zhang


This is Linqing Zhang, who is studying for the final year of advertising at RMIT. In the first two years of university, I studied at BNUZ because I took a 2+2 course. In the past, I worked as an intern reporter at a TV station, and also worked with friends to run a small booth at the night market. Since entering the advertising major, I have dreamed of working hard as an Art Director in the future. After graduation, I hope I can view the development and changes of the advertising industry from the perspective of a professional.

Chiara Lombardozzi


Content writer, idea curator and addicted problem solver.

Student at RMIT, master at scrolling through social media.

You may recognise my work as the love poems on bathrooms stalls, quippy dad jokes or amusing sanitary pad fun facts.

Looking for an opportunity to work in Media and live forever through words.

Alexandra Tenuta


Im from Australia, I live in Melbourne, and love all things design!

I’m ambitious and passionate about everything creative – especially graphic design. I’m someone who can be thrown into any situation and figure it out! In my professional life, I’m ready for any brief you throw at me. Complicated, simple, intricate, not so intricate, and most importantly, one that that is a good challenge. I do this because I love creativity.

Just give me a pen and a cup of coffee, and I’ll be off tangled in a world full of meaningful scribbles, and compel- ling concepts.