Ashley cain


Ash puts everything into pushing the limitations and breaking the boundaries of any brief put before her. Daydreaming possibilities yet grounded focusing on what is actually possible and not. A creative strategist if you will. A former kid hipster, Ash has grown up with a craving to be different, putting special emphasis on finding unique angles to problems leaving only the best ideas to shine through.

When Ash isn’t grinding away at her desk, she loves to draw, absolutely dominate a game of cosmic encounter, and go on spontaneous day trips.

corrine teng


Driven by curiosity, Corrine is motivated to find out the hows and the whys to anything she can’t quite understand. An eight-year-old Corrine would never be caught without a Nancy Drew book in her hand. Now, her curiosity has evolved to having browsers riddled with unsolved mysteries, puzzling disappearances, and uncovering the psychology of notorious serial killers. She becomes a little bit of a detective when it comes to her work. She is a creative strategist that is passionate about cracking cold cases of difficult briefs, investigating issues, gathering in-depth research, and bringing projects to life with actionable insights.

Perri Kapnias


I’m Perri, and I'm a junior strategist. I have a year’s experience of brand and agency work, where I’ve been involved in researching and developing campaigns, writing copy, and creating visual graphics. I’ve worked for a NFP legal advocacy centre, a popular lingerie brand, and I’m now interning as a junior planner at the Royals. I also do freelance illustrations for musicians, and I started a second-hand clothing business when I was 14, which I still create the EDM for. I wrote an article for B&T promoting Hungry Talks, a student-run advertising show where we interview renowned industry professionals.

Xiangqin (Carolyn) Kong


Hey, I am Carolyn, a creative strategist here. Everyone has always described me as a confident person. I love all parts of creativity, such as strategy, planning, design, and learning new skills. I am confident in work and good at cooperation. I am passionate about good ideas and strategies to meet each campaign. Gain more experience to strengthen my ability is currently what I need. So I am ready to meet you.

Alastair Langsford


Dreamt of becoming an Art Director, hired as a Copywriter, aspires to be a Strategist. All facets of advertising make my heart race!

After exploring the world and pursuing my failed dream in professional rugby, I decided to plunge headfirst into the next adrenaline fuelled passion of mine; being a junior in advertising.

This led to finding what makes me…well… me.

Creative, honest, hungry. From my obsession with Lego to my hunger of obscure facts, I am an amalgamation of unique experiences and bizarre knowledge. Focus this into a passion for insights and you’ll have… well… me.

siyu liang


Hi, I am siyu, an RMIT international student, majoring in advertising communication. I am a creative strategist on the way. The international student identity gives me endless possibilities of cognition. I learn that how to be a qualified adman in the agency in a cross-cultural environment. For figuring out a suitable position in the agencies, I had already tried media planner and an ae intern.

In my daily, I am a pet and network-surfing lover, and also I am learning hand-sketching in PROCREATE and photography. And I will keep unlocking my possibilities and show them to you.

Xuanwei Liu


My name is Xuanwei Liu.

My career goal is to be a strategic planner. At the same time, my ability of art direction and copywriting is also good. I chose strategy because I prefer the feeling of overall consideration. I regard myself as a product with a price of $0, not because I despise myself and have no value, but because I prefer to choose what to do actively rather than passively change my idea.

A variety of execution is my professional characteristic.

Victoria Grech


When I was younger my first word was ‘more’. Nothing has changed much really. I’m still insanely hungry for more - more scope, more insight, and more information (and also more good food!). My drive and ambition, mixed with a generous load of curiosity have led my proclivity for uncovering insight in seemingly irrelevant and unusual places, transforming human truths into brand solutions. My curiosity for the who, what and whys of the world has led me to produce a live voting campaign across Victoria, complete internships with ‘Thinkerbell’ and ‘Communicado’, and develop a sweet tooth for the likes of strategy.

Keely Finnigan


My name is Keely and I'm someone who suffers from an incurable need to know, so much so that the first page of any book I read is always the last. As an aspiring campaign strategist my need to know is what leads to be the kind of person that when there's a problem I can't rest until it is solved. I'm the sort of person who's always able to find the hidden gem of an idea and craft it into something special.

Longyi Xie


Longyi has a huge passion for working in digital marketing and media strategy. She has two internships, including working as a media strategist at a TV station and working as a graphic designer at TCL Technology. She successfully produced and broadcast many TV shows. In three months, the fans of the official social account operated by her increased by 3,000, and the number of readers increased by 15%. She said, “I could label myself with a few different titles, a media strategist or creative director, but at the heart of it, I am a content creator.”

password for folio: ecportfolio

Emma Cairnes


I would describe myself as a very out-going person, with a lively and energetic personality. I aspire to deal with everything that comes my way with a hard-working and positive attitude. I constantly find myself driven to identify challenges and problems, where solving them with strategic and creative outcomes gives me ultimate satisfaction. When I’m not searching for ground-breaking and interesting insights, you can find me passionately engaging with musical theatre, my Cavoodle, the wizarding world of Harry Potter, fashion, food, the entire genre of crime and drama, and most importantly my friends and family.

Fanqi (felicia) Fang


I'm Fanqi, you can call me Felicia. I’m an optimistic mind-blowing treasure girl.

In my daily life: I was a yogurt-loving Gemini girl. I'm a big fan of media software and branding. I like to travel and have been to 9 countries in two years.

In my work: I'm more of an early bird than a night owl. I am good at market analysis and strategy production. I like to think and brainstorm. Meanwhile, I love brands and big ideas. I also hope to join the brand's marketing department and plan future projects, run innovation programs and much more.

Xiaoyan (cassiel) Liu


Hey guys~ My name is Cassiel. I am from northern part of China. I studied advertising in China for two years, mainly studying brand direction. I studied advertising at RMIT. I usually like watching movies, I enjoy the fun brought by movies and the elements of movies can inspire me some new inspiration. I am good at creative copywriting and strategy. Compared with other advertising skills, I enjoy the sense of unity of strategy.

Siann Nutting


I’m a small town Tassie girl, full time nerd. Friendly, passionate, curious and dedicated to learning a topic inside out. I’m a former criminology student, guilty of creating thought provoking campaigns.

My best friends will tell you I am your go-to gal for a fun fact or pop culture tidbit. My lifelong love of learning has made me a great trivia teammate, but also a great strategist. From criminology to pop culture to advertising, I put it down to an ever curious mind and a passion for understanding human behaviour.



Xiayi is a 'puzzle solver'. All she does is sorting out every unique piece from research and analysis, building the frame and fill it logically, piecing together into an impressed and attractive 'masterpiece'. She thinks strategist work can be compared to 'romantic sobriety, a creative thinking process of rational thinking emotional cashed. As a creative strategist, she always keeps a curious mind towards everything. When she isn't working, you'll find her strolling in a park, capturing a sunset, visiting museums. Xiayi is now striving to create her own sunshine. If you luckily found the nugget, She will light your way up.

Yiran (trista) Wang


In Trista's Wonderland, you can buy a dream or two. My enthusiasm for movies, music and literature has always provided me with food for thought , which I believe can help me better engage in creative work. Communication skills are my sword. Not only did it help me navigate awkward meetings, but it also brought my team together, and of course, convince tough customers. In the end, holding sexy brain and tender heart with me.

Weijing Zhu


Winnie likes hunting.

She often lurks at night, observes recent Internet trends with her ears and eyes, locates the most creative ideas, tailors perfect copywriting and content for them, and finally, launch!

Absolutely, her precise shooting made her hit hundreds of posts on social media, and the copy she posted successfully lured her prey to linger on the page. Winnie likes hunting. Not only for the rich harvest, but also because of her enthusiasm for new things. When repeatedly catching the same prey, she will choose to let them go and look for new flavors.