Chloe Rogerson


Chloe may be quiet, but her ideas certainly aren't. 

She is a powerful introvert, fascinated by the human condition. She uses her obscure lens to identify the weird and wonderful things that make people ‘tick’. 

When Chloe is not consumed by these sorts of thoughts you can find her crocheting a cool design she found on Pinterest.

bella Iliovski


Bella enjoys long, romantic strolls to the fridge, where she stores and keeps all her fresh ideas. This creative is full of energy and passionate about anything she can get her hands on. She’s open to anything and everything, meaning there won’t be judgement on those late night trips to the fridge. Bella also pays close attention to detail, much like that mouldy cheese in the back of your fridge, it’s something you’ll forget about but she’ll pick up on. If you’re lucky enough, she might just let you in on the tupperware she uses!

Hans (Jinglin) Zhan


Hi, I am Jinglin Hans Zhan, aka Hans, art director currently specializing in advertising communication and graphic design, a person who is always evolving believe that 'Visionary communication makes it memorable and makes it fun to read', my intention simulates the effect of what I am going to do in advance. I have always been preparing in advance.



A simple perfectionist who just loves art.

You’ll likely find me somewhere admiring things I love for my next source of creative inspiration.

Otherwise, you’ll recognise me for my daily needs for mochas and brunch, Studio Ghibli fangirling and obsession with learning new languages.



The spark that ignited my creative passion began after picking up a camera to shoot the most embarrassing films ever during primary school. From that moment I fell in love with the idea of Storytelling. I’m a confident Art Director with big dreams. I am an ideas man, experienced in Illustrator, Photoshop and premiere pro. I stay true to the art of advertising, ensuring each idea I produce has some emotional connection with an audience. Creating memorable ideas that last a lifetime. I have done work for Arbees, Lego, freelance/agency work. Oh, did I mention I won a



I’m feeling like a Pokemon trainer, I need to catch all the skills! My passion for video games and the Japanese culture as well as my creative style with those P O W E R S combined, to become an elite trainer. Being inspirited by the Asian (pop) culture. Now based in Melbourne, with two degrees - film photography, graphic design - currently studying at RMIT Advertising. Stepping out from the crowd. I’ve experienced first-hand what it means to fight for what I want in life. I’m able to express my words through the form of art.



I’m an art director with an appetite for something different and the unexpected. Although traditional advertising and branding may be my sweet treat, I’m versatile and adaptable to any creative environment. Adobe Cloud is no stranger to me, and Adobe Illustrator has been my partner in crime. I like to keep my design flair rolling by entering advertising competitions and completing internships with Mo Works Creative Agency and client side. Building brands towards a unique presence is my groove. Ask me on Pitch Night to find out my creative origin story and how I got addicted to crane games!



This Canberra born Creative has nearly a year of industry experience under her belt and is as proud of her portfolio as a suburban Dad is of his freshly cut lawn. So why not pull out your sun chair, crack open a beer, and admire Pip’s (sometimes) award-winning, “industry standard” and human-centric campaigns.



Motivated by taking on the big challenges of our time, Jacob believes that creative design and art direction can be a powerful tool in communicating the ideas that will move our world forward. Jacob has built a body of work that tackles climate change, gender equality and more across a range of mediums like Video, graphic design and web design etc. Jacob loves a creative challenge, and is ready to take on whatever you throw at him.



Hey, I’m Sophie. (But you can call me Soph if you like Jhené Aiko xo). I’m a Melbourne based junior creative who strives for ideas that are birthed from ingenuity, make you uncomfy, and are a little whack. After realising brands are the ones who shift culture, I’ve become focused on aligning with those who push in progressive directions. We ourselves are also brands, and I’m keen to capitalise on this within the fashion industry. Even though I’m at the start of my “career”, I’ve done some pretty cool things like AWARD school & becoming a Cannes Future Lions shortlist. Who knows what’ll be next.

Pat Bucoy


Hi, I'm Pat, a 2021 D&AD New Blood Award winner.

I like to show off my creativity in any way I can. The little details in designing bring me the most joy.

As an energetic and aspiring Art Director, Advertising has given me the opportunity to display my creativity in more ways than one. Seeing ideas and concepts come to life always motivates me to create more. I aim to create unforgettable work, whether it’s because it was weird or beautiful to look at. I have the ability to look beyond the obvious creative solutions to produce unexpected yet stunning visuals.

George Landy


George is a passionate creative with a drive for telling unique, forward-thinking stories through visual and sonic art.

Using both new and old technology across diverse mediums, he adopts a multi-disciplinary approach and experiments with process and form, exploring the relationship between the internal mind and the outside world.

George blends his interest in psychology and art through his work, speaking to audiences though a broader neo humanist lens. Through his creative work, George allows clients to portray their products and brand identity in innovative and avant-garde ways.

Alana WOOd


I’m a high-energy aspiring art director with a 2021 D&AD New Blood pencil under my belt and the determination to not just be a one hit wonder! My approach to creativity is an empathetic one – I love learning what motivates people so I can create impactful work. I want to cut through the noise, not add to it.

My proudest moments include having more Pinterest boards than words in this bio and producing/hosting a weekly advertising lecture series, Hungry Talks, coordinating a team of 21 media and advertising students.

Chat to me on pitch night to hear how mustard landed me a pencil!

Jenanie jude


I would describe myself as an ambitious Art Director who is just a little Indian girl who is trying to find her way around this crazy advertising world! I am also an avid lemon cake connoisseur who shamelessly spends majority of my pay check on varieties of lemon cake. As an ambivert I often find myself being the listener and advisor in a group setting which what initially drew me towards the Art Director role. Along with my passions for directing, editing & designing I have also found a flair for photography which as played a huge role in my Art Directing finesse!

Josephine Khoe


As an aspiring art director, I believe in creative solutions to every problem in this world. After migrating from Indonesia, a 17 years old me stepped out of my comfort zone and continued my education in Melbourne, Australia. I started to dive into the creative and advertising industry and got the chance to do my internships at a couple agencies like 8X Digital and Padlokt Pty Ltd. As part of my additional relevant employment experience, I have also worked as a creative content maker, freelance photographer, digital marketing and social events. I am excited to start my career journey and be part of the dream team.



Clothing obsessed and environmentally conscious, Alexandra is passionate about sustainable fashion, not only wearing it but making it. Motivated to do her part in combating textile waste by spending her free time wading through piles of unwanted old clothes. She loves seeing things come together weather its through up-cycling what might be seen as unsalvageable or as a creative solution to a brief. Being a perfectionist and a night owl go hand in hand as her perfectionism can mean finessing until the early hours of the morning but the final product always makes it worth it.

Olivia Smith


Hey, it’s Olivia here! I am a character who is always on my toes, always busy, always juggling whats through on my plate, therefore I have a strong passion for the fast-moving and developing world of the social media industry, ambitious through my 3 years of studying in the field of Advertising and Communications, as well as Marketing and Communications. Inspiring to be a Creator Director and Strategist, allowing my skillset to thrive and take on the extraordinary.

So go on, throw me in the deep end. I guarantee it won't be long until I swim.

Judith Appiagyei


When I would put more effort into the creative work instead of maths homework in primary school, that’s when I knew that I wanted to do something creative in the future. For the majority of my life, I have always been indecisive, which means that most of the time I can never decide on what ice cream flavour to get. Being indecisive has always bothered me. However, it’s my indecisiveness that makes my art direction better because my mind is always thinking of a billion different ways I can improve something visually. In the future, I hope I can use my skills as an art director to make great work for brands.

Leonie Duff


“Can you take a pic for me?” A friend shyly asks.

Luckily I have already stalked their socials, am ~cosmically aligned~ with when golden hour is, have planned the candid props, and am flexible enough for even the most questionable angles. I.will.take.100! I am a bit pedantic and have a tendency to get obsessed with new hobbies for 30 days until I find the next one. Luckily I’ve been able to target this towards learning new skills for my career (sometimes). I’m particularly interested in 3D set design and editorials (these have passed the 30 day test).



I’m Liya who’s going to graduate from RMIT with the major in advertising and I’m the one who keens to be an art director. I like to take the challenge and love trying new things, and always remind myself to get out of my comfort zone. I have 3 months of internship in Shenzhen 2 years ago, and currently I’m a graphic design intern in Michelin in Shanghai.

Audrey Hardha


Although she is a night owl, Audrey is a dreamer. This allows her to break the fourth wall and unlock a whole untapped universe of ideas to decipher resolutions to briefs. Her curiosity and her imagination devours her thoughts which formulates a piece of artwork.

She is full of passion and positive energy, which especially emerges when unravelling about films and shows. Because of this, she visualises ridiculous ideas and analogies that connects and absorbs audiences to her creations.

Oscar Turmine Minchinton


I'm Oscar, a man of many shoes.

My many shoes have granted me the perseverance to go the extra mile, an appreciation for the world around me, and great conversations with people from all walks of life, allowing me to slip into any role!

Studying at RMIT has set me up for success, with my team being 1 out of only 5 in Australia to take home a 2021 D&AD New Blood Pencil. I know how to think on my feet, and utilizing deep insights, alongside my killer eye for detail, I create compelling, memorable and refined advertising campaigns.

Gid Goldberg


Growing up, I always had an active imagination. From live commentating the WWE matches of me wrestling pillows in my bedroom (FYI, I'm the undisputed world champion) to becoming the world's biggest rockstar in the few moments I spent singing my heart out in the shower. I was always daydreaming.

So when I was told that advertising was watching random ideas in your head turn into something real, I knew I'd never look back.

From a Cannes Future Lions shortlist to starting my own film festival, I'm ready to watch my random ideas turn into something real.

Amelia Ransom


Junior creative. Big shoes. Bigger glasses.

Responsible for 97% of the coffee consumption in my LGA.

Passionate about the big stuff, trying not to sweat the small stuff. (Anyone have aircon?)

I’m a walking talking idea machine, with clients under my fanny pack like VERSA, Soul Burger, MGC Derma, Tru Dot Productions & my share house pinterest board.

Thankfully, you can’t spill cold brew on an Illustrator project.

Kanghui (katie) Zhang


Hey, She is Katie, A junior art director. Come from Shenzhen, China. During her studies at RMIT, She realized her passion for art direction, and she wants to bring this passion to the work. She has many creative ideas, and she is also good at observing things in life and getting inspiration from them. Creating ideas that resonate with people through meaningful visuals has always been her first love.

She also has a big dream of becoming a well-known vlogger. She has an unhealthy obsession with hot-pot. and film.

Christopher Bui


Loudest voice in the room? Probably not.

Going to make a stunning design you’re gonna love? Definitely.

A self-proclaimed Swiss army knife of digital design, creativity is just second nature to him. Even though he enjoys everything from graphic design to video editing, that’s not all there is to him. When he’s not tirelessly honing his skills as a creative, he’s finding new music, trying to make new outfits or finding the best cafes in Melbourne that can give his Instagram some extra brownie points.

Peixuan Lyu


Hi! I’m Peixuan, a visual monster, an art explorer. An art director thrives from pressure and in an intense visual universe. From ideas to execution, the creativity in my brain is beating, Adobe suits are jumping in my eyes. I am not a witch! I'm just a visual monster, know and play with some visual magic.

Linyunqing Fan


Hey, I'm Linyunqing (call me Alexis if you like).

I am a curious nocturnal animal, I love brainstorming at 3am. I would stroll on the empty street in the middle of the night looking for inspiration. I would also rush out of the bathroom in the middle of the shower, just to write down the amazing idea that just came to my mind. Being a perfectionist and an art director means that I often struggle with Adobe suite because I am obsessed with every detail. I'm a creative who draw vitality from quirky ideas. With my love for art direction and design, I am ready to utilize my imagination in the industry.

Jessica Trajkovska


Intertwined with the brilliance of culture and originality under my belt. A nobody to some and an utter body of creative idiocy to others. I manage to work in a space of having rather than one of deficit.

I’m not the loudest voice in the room but I am always listening with intent and ready to pounce whenever a wacky idea comes to life in my head. There is always a trail of mischievousness – adding a little madness to my method.

Forever motivated by the desire to achieve, rather than beat others.

Together let's disrupt the world of Art Direction...

Tong (Joy) Qin


Hi, I'm Joy. I am now a junior Art director and illustrator located in Melbourne.

I'm interested in illustration design. I also enjoy using my creativity to turn the inspiration into meaningful things. At the same time, I am keen to record the world with paintbrushes and combine it with design work. Moreover, I’m passionate about all creative things,

I draw inspiration from everything I read and everyone I come in contact with. It's very exciting to watch those ideas become tangible things.

Together let's disrupt the world of Art Direction...

Xiaowen (kris) Li


Hey! I'm Kris, an art director running enthusiast. Thinking creatively has always come naturally and has inspired me to become the passionate Junior Art Director that I am today. I'm good at photoshop, procreate and premiere.

I'm excited to learn and expose myself to new challenges in every possible, that is because I’m really loving what I do, I have a reputation for being a problem creative solver~ My enthusiasm and high energy always helps bring people together, so you must be happy when you work with me. So try me, there is nothing I won't.



Xanthe is an Art Director with a passion for storytelling and bold creative imagery.

She believes that good advertising can move you… but great advertising can move mountains.

Xanthe has just spent the last 3 months interning as a creative for Hardhat agency and is excited to get straight into an agency role.

Mercedes Woodcroft


After a strenuous and somewhat disrupted start to my academic studies, I discovered that I had ADHD. Loving every avenue and aspect of advertising I had to start looking at what best accommodated to my skills and learning style. Being inventive and thinking about briefs and ideas wherever I was, in combination with my inherent networking skills, allowed me to discover that the role of a creative director was the perfect career for me. Creative direction, finally enabled me to facilitate a way in which all my millions of ideas constantly buzzing around my head could be an asset. My unique creative visions and ability to think outside the box has reflected positively in the projects that I have recently undergone.