The Pitch Night 2023 Team

The Pitch Night team is an all-star cast of 9 multitalented and determined students who have dedicated their final semester to planning the best Pitch Night so far.

Valeria Mejia Perez

Val is one of our Co-Event Coordinators and Art Directors. She works with Amber to oversee that our preparation for Pitch Night is on-track. You'll find her designing gorgeous graphics for the event and the website or keeping an eye on our timeline.

Hanaka McCarthy

Hanaka oversees all the marketing involved for the event. This includes email marketing, socials and any other sort of direct marketing. She works closely with the social media team to ensure that posts and community engagement runs simultaneously on all platforms.

Amber McLindin

Amber is one of our Co-Event Coordinators and Copywriter. She works with Val to ensure that everything runs smoothly in preparation for Pitch Night. You’ll find her writing up a storm of social media captions, press releases or strategizing with others on the next big content plan. 

Holly Dalgleish

Holly runs the financial aspect of Pitch Night while also being in charge of any direct communication needed with the agencies. She ensures sponsorship and how expenses are covered while helping the team create on-point sponsorship packages for the agencies. She works closely with John for this role.

Gabriella Asfaw

Gabby is one of our Social Media Coordinators. She leads the socials team and makes sure the timeline is followed to a tee! She tracks insights and keeps us engaged with our audiences. 

Lara Fourie

Lara is one of our Social Media Coordinators. She brings life to the oldest tricks in the book by making sure our audiences are informed whilst just as excited for Pitch Night as we are through her entertaining ideas.

Jasmine Debono

Jas is one of our Art Directors. She works with the social media team to design refined visuals and graphics that elevate the Pitch Night social media and assist in raising the engagement levels.

Jackson Sharpe

Jackson is one of our Art Directors. He’s got a card up his sleeve with his designing skills and works with Val to bring the visuals of Pitch Night to life. You’ll find him planning video storyboards or developing detailed graphic assets. 

Jacob Ietto

Jacob is one of our Creative Copywriters who is dedicated to creating the exciting world of Pitch Night: Hidden Aces. Taglines, captions, communications; nothing is un-writeable for him! 

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